Our Vision

We believe all students have the right to a safe, personal and nurturing environment where they can achieve in academics, career preparation and personal development. We are committed to providing a safe, personal and nurturing environment for all students. We believe in a grace and strength-based approach for students to achieve in academics, career preparation and personal development. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to partner with families and the community to foster student growth in academics and social-emotional learning and executive functioning skills through our core values: respect, responsibility and resilience

RESPECT – We demonstrate a professional level of respect by being mindful of others in the learning environments, using appropriate language in the classroom and halls of our school, and accepting each other's cultural and ethnic diversities. We show respect toward our community by doing our part in keeping it clean. We believe respect fosters an environment of trust, safety and well-being. 

RESPONSIBILITY – It is our responsibility to provide an environment that nurtures the growth and development of our students academically and socially. Staff and students exhibit responsibility by taking ownership of their learning and the learning environment of others. Staff and students take pride in the important role they play in the school environment which is demonstrated by the work they do. 

RESILIENCE – We challenge ourselves to strive for excellence. We do not give up! Mistakes are accepted and perseverance is expected. When difficulties arise, staff and students push through. Students take time to transition between the challenging situations to prepare to be mentally and physically present for each class. Staff and students demonstrate patience with each other and think before responding to situations which may be difficult.